adidas FC Bayern Away Kit Campaign FW19


The FC Bayern away kit for the 19/20 season was to be communicated as part of the adidas "Dare To Create" umbrella campaign. A copy was to be developed that picked up on the "Creators Only" approach and had a reference to the away theme. The design elements of the jersey were to be reflected in the key visual as digital craft effects.


The clean white and grey design of the away kit opened up a fashion aspect, which could be communicated together with the performance theme. The minimalist design also allowed the product to be charged up in terms of the away story. To accommodate these aspects in the communication, the colour was used as the leading element. White as a symbol of self-confidence and calm led to the copy "If You Silence Their Noise". This included both the muting of the opposing voices through performance on the pitch, but also a confident fashion attitude and a hint of the relaxing white noise.

In our photography, this mixture of calmness and confidence is taken up. The set is simple and drives the color story forward, while the poses are strong and confident.  The key visuals are underlaid by a comprehensive white-noise base; the copy is integrated in digitally handcrafted paper form. In the hero video, these aspects are brought together once again.

The campaign was activated via all relevant channels. All content was produced by us in Munich. The production included both 2D and 3D content. The post-production of the 2D content was done "in-house", the 3D post-production was realized with selected partners. The finished content pieces were optimized for publication on the relevant channels. Specially designed 2D and 3D tools including rollout copies were created and published for the various brand Instagram channels. All ECOM pages of the collection on adidas.com were designed and implemented by us. This included the design of all components for the category, product and gender-specific pages as well as app and newsletter including all corresponding copy. 

Diamonds on the chest with three stripes next to it: an iconic combination. For more than 50 years, adidas and FC Bayern have been in successful partnership. Since winter 2015, we have been part of that team and support FC Bayern as the lead agency for campaigns and 360°brand activation.


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FC Bayern Away Kit Campaign FW19


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