Juventus Turin Third Kit Campaign FW19


The Juventus Turin third kit for the 19/20 season was to be communicated as part of the adidas "Dare To Create" campaign. A copy was to be developed that clarifies the "Creators Only" approach of the overall campaign in relation to Juventus Turin. The visual approach should reflect the design inspiration of the jersey and be digitally handcrafted.


The third jersey is typically played in the Champions League. The jersey's design story refers to the biggest stage of European football: A timeless blue is covered by a reflective pattern that only really shows in the glow of the floodlight. For the new generation of Juventus athletes, this means creating a legacy of their own. In terms of the Juventus "Vincente" mentality, this means winning the Champions League. As the names of the Champions League winners are engraved in the cup and thus go down in history forever, the copy "If You Carve Your Legacy" was developed for the third jersey.  

In the layouts, surfaces meet details. The flash photography makes the reflective jersey details stand out. Players move in front of textured silver-grey backgrounds that let the jerseys blue colour pop out. The carved copy symbolizes the creation of the legends, unfinished brush strokes visually support the emergence of something new. The individual images are layered on top of each other in the layout to show the athletes' connection.

The campaign was activated via all relevant channels. All content was produced by us in Turin. The production included both 2D and 3D content. The post-production of the 2D content was done "in-house", the 3D post-production was realized with selected partners. The finished content pieces were optimized for publication on the relevant channels. Specially designed 2D and 3D tools including rollout copies were created and published for the various brand Instagram channels.


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Juventus Turin Third Kit Campaign FW19


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