360° campaign for FC Bayern München

Our 2017 campaign comprises three thematic peaks: the launches spread over the year of the three new season jerseys "Home", "Away", and "UCL" (Champions League). In our 360° concept, dramaturgical support is provided for these product launches on various social media channels. We design the key visuals, player portrayals, videos, rollout plans etc. We also create retail material for the conventional channels, shop display window design, etc.

Diamonds on the chest with three stripes next to it: an iconic combination. For more than 50 years, adidas and FC Bayern have been in successful partnership. Since winter 2015, we have been part of that team and support FC Bayern as the lead agency for campaigns and 360°brand activation.


adidas FC Bayern München


360° campaign 2017


Video production
Social media
Digital PR
Merchandising design

Social media video for launch announcement of home jersey for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the Adidas website.

Various key visuals of the home jersey for retail.

Left: Key visuals created exclusively for Bayern München with history content for shop window design and product labels.

Various examples of social PR.

Various social skins, player portrayals, and profile images for the individual social media pages of the the players.

Direct marketing concept and packaging design for an exclusive product presentation: before the product launch, jerseys are sent to selected influencers.

Video announcing the away-jersey launch for various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Various examples of our key visuals for the away jersey of FC Bayern München.

Social PR materials for individual players.

Various images for the social media channels of individual players.

Shortly before the product launch of the new jersey for the Champions League, this video was played on various social media channels.

Examples of various key visuals for the new Champions League jersey.

Various materials for digital publishing and social PR.

Social media skins of various players for their social media accounts.