adidas FC Bayern Home Kit Campaign FW20


360-degree campaign for the launch of the FC Bayern home jersey 20/21, which was to be strongly based on Club Insights and at the same time integrated into the overall Stay.Ready communication. Edit: As the Jersey was launched during the re-opening phase of the Corona pandemic, the communication had to be later integrated into the Ready For Sport campaign.



What does FC Bayern really stand for? What values make it unique? What makes the club ready for anything? For the home jersey 20/21 these questions should be answered.

For this purpose, insights into the club had to be found and then integrated into an individually adapted framework. The aim was to create a campaign that would focus on the product and at the same time reflect the essence of the club.



FC Bayern is a club with a clear attitude and strong family values. On this basis, the club sets its own course and does not blindly follow trends. So, the team, just like the fans, is ready for any challenge. The goals are clear: win the championship, cup and Champions League. It is a culture that everyone who has been, is or will be part of the family lives. In our campaign we show what the mindset of the FC Bayern family is all about. To describe this in essence, three lines are enough:


Weiter Immer Weiter.

Rot Und Weiß.

The bottom line sums it all up: FC Bayern is my family.


adidas FC Bayern Munich


FC Bayern Home Kit Campaign FW20


Video Production
Digital Publishing
Social Media
Merchandising Design

Diamonds on the chest with three stripes next to it: an iconic combination. For more than 50 years, adidas and FC Bayern have been in successful partnership. Since winter 2015, we have been part of that team and support FC Bayern as the lead agency for campaigns and 360°brand activation.


In our cross-channel campaign we brought together the essential components of FC Bayern Familie. It was especially important to show all parts of the family: players (male & female), legends and fans. In the layout we used visual Munich-Insights as a pattern basis, which runs as a red thread through the formats. In photography, we emphasized the omnipresent family feeling in the club through interactive and communicative poses. For the video, we used a family portrait approach to bring the individual characters together.

The campaign was activated via all relevant channels. All content was produced by us in Munich. The production included both 2D and 3D content, which was subsequently post-produced by us "in-house". The finished content pieces were optimized for publication on the relevant channels. Specially designed 2D and 3D tools including rollout copies were created and published for the various brand Instagram channels. All ECOM pages of the collection on adidas.com were designed and implemented by us. This included the design of all components for the category, product and gender-specific pages as well as app and newsletter including all corresponding copy.