adidas DFB Away Jersey 2018

We photographed the german national team for the launch of the DFB away jersey 18/19. To express the values of "Die Mannschaft" as well as adidas, we developed a visual language. The visuals should speak to both the urban creativity of adidas and the brotherly team spirit of the german national team. Based on the jersey, we developed key visuals which were used for retail and e-commerce. Additionally, we photographed the Parley Pre-Match Jersey.

In 1920, Adi Dassler invented studded shoes, since which time adidas has dominated soccer. With innovation in all areas of sports apparel and equipment, the brand has driven the development of the sport and constantly redefined it. Since 2016, we have supported adidas Football (soccer) with the concept and implementation of various projects.


adidas Football


DFB Away Jersey Campaign 2018


Video Production 
Post Production

Single players in various poses (above and right).

Key-Visuals with single players in various formats (above, left and below).

Parley Pre-Match Jersey (right and below).