Chinese New Year Pack 2019


The Chinese New Year is considered the most important holiday in the country. For this occasion, a Chinese New Year Pack was produced for the adidas A-Clubs. The objective was to reach new target groups in the Chinese market while maintaining a global relevance. Each pack consisted of individual CNY apparel designs of the respective clubs. For this purpose, an overall communication strategy was to be developed, which could then be adapted to the individual clubs. Chinese mythical creatures were to serve as a visual hook.


The communication strategy for the CNY Pack was based on the meeting of cultures. By merging the Chinese mythical creatures with the identities of the respective clubs, an overarching visual language was developed that could then be individually adapted. In order to tailor the creative to the individual clubs, matching colour codes were combined with club insights and brought together with the mythical creatures. The five mythical creatures embody certain characteristics or values in Chinese culture. Thus, the creatures could be assigned to the clubs as "Spirit Animals", depending on the identity of the club. The layouts were finally completed by logos, cultural symbols of the clubs and Chinese lettering. A unified photography concept for players and products was to further link the individual key visuals and clarify the overall strategy. 

We were responsible for the conception of the strategy and the creation of the individual key visuals. This also included the individual illustration of the mythical creatures "in-house". The finished layouts were prepared for the corresponding channels. All ECOM pages of the collection on adidas.com were designed and implemented by us. This included the design of all components for the category, product and gender-specific pages as well as app and newsletter including all corresponding copy. 

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