Always next – handball campaign 17/18

In 2017, with the new the Stabil X, adidas re-introduced the design of one of the most iconic and popular handball shoes from the 1980s and equipped it with the latest Boost technology. The legendary trademark of this shoe are the three white stripes extending conically, which we visually linked in our campaign to iconic light tubes, which reemerged throughout the campaign. Here, we show key visuals for the campaign, several videos and social media content.

Fast, powerful, intense - Handball is one of the toughest games in the world. This sport is still relatively unknown in many parts of the world, but its small fan following is all the more passionate for that. Since 2016, we have supported adidas Handball as the lead agency and established the social media channels for communicating with the devoted fan community.


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Campaign "Always next" FW17


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Social media video with Nikola Karabatic, which announces the launch of the new collection.

Social media video with Luka Karabatic, which offers an initial fleeting look at the new Stabil X before its launch.

Reactive content for the semi-final and final of the 2017 European Championships with the Karabatic brothers: on reaching the final / on winning the final.

Top and right: Instagram videos in which the first original model, then obscured views of the new design, and finally, details of the new edition of the shoe are shown.

Another social media video with German handball player Rune Dahmke.

Social media video with French handball player Kentin Mahé