"Here to Create" - Campaign video

This video is a continuation of the campaign that began around the jersey-launch at the beginning of the year. It shows football in the stadium and on the street. The FC Bayern stars play in the world’s biggest stadiums, the street soccer players on urban pitches. They all have one thing in common: they create brilliant moments on the pitch through their individual creativity. Every player has his personal style of creativity that he uses to shape the game on the pitch, his own identity and that of his team. When a player puts his creativity into action during the game, he creates game-changing moments that are visually intensified by illustrations in the video. The german rapper MoTrip has produced an exclusive song for the video that further underlines the rise in energy towards that creative moment.

Diamonds on the chest with three stripes next to it: an iconic combination. For more than 50 years, adidas and FC Bayern have been in successful partnership. Since winter 2015, we have been part of that team and support FC Bayern as the lead agency for campaigns and 360°brand activation.


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Campaign video 2017


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