From Threat Into Thread: running footwear made from recycled ocean plastic

The non-profit organization Parley actively works to protect the oceans. Special focus is placed on removing plastic debris from the oceans.
In cooperation with Adidas, plastic trash was fished out of the oceans, spun into nylon thread, and processed into three new running shoe models.
The Parley campaign stands for a sustainable relationship with the environment. So we placed the running shoes in a setting in which urban living space and environment come together. The project comprised the concept, design, and photography and ran on all channels as a 360-degree campaign.

The ground under your feet, the wind in your face combined with the feeling that you can keep running forever – Running is a passion and, for many, it is an essential part of a holistic training program. We have been supporting adidas Running since the beginning of 2017 with the design and implementation of 360° campaigns


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360° Campaign Parley SS17



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