The art of footwear

When a designer reaches the moment when he develops a real feeling for his inspiration, when his vague idea starts to take shape. When the author of an idea suddenly knows "I've got it!", this is a pure moment of the utmost intensity. Our campaign for this Art Pack tennis shoe collection encapsulates the emotion of this moment and makes each design process a topic of various key visuals for retail, web, and social media tools.

Game, set, match - adidas has been making its mark in tennis for more than 60 years. What most connects the brand to the sport are the sponsorships with top athletes such as Stan Smith, Steffi Graf, and Angelique Kerber. We support adidas Tennis as the lead agency for social media activations and 360°campaigns.


adidas Tennis


Launch campaign Artpack SS17


Final Artwork
Digital Publishing
Social Media

Screen mesh, doctor blade, and paint as far as the eye can see …those were to tools of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and the props for this key visual.

Art Nouveau

To transfer artistic decoration using swirled ornamentation into the present, quilling, a special paper art form, provides the solution. The reference becomes clear in this key visual.

Street Art
No studio. Just a sketchpad, spray cans and concrete (preferably in dark, obscure corners) define the working atmosphere of a street artist.