French Open Campaign 2019 


The adidas tennis collection for the French Open (Roland Garros) 2019 was to be communicated under the umbrella of "Creators Unite". The athletes in particular were to be used to promote this message. The core of the event was to be shown: When creativity - in sport or outside of it - is brought together and combined, something is created that is greater than the sum of its parts. 


Individuals become stronger when they join forces. The more diverse people contribute to something, the more complex, creative and ultimately effective the end product becomes. We wanted to make this the guiding principle for the campaign. Depending on the tool, the story was told differently, but basically the athletes were always connected to each other visually to form a larger whole. The strength of the squad was supported by the strong, relaxed poses of the players.  

The campaign was activated through all relevant channels. All content was shot by us in New York. The production included both 2D and 3D content, which was subsequently post-produced by us "in-house". The finished content pieces were optimized for publication on the relevant channels. For the Instagram channel @adidastennis, specially designed 2D and 3D tools including copy were created and rolled out. This also included the conception and implementation of reactive content at relevant moments during the tournament. All ECOM pages of the collection on adidas.com were designed and implemented by us. This included the design of all components for the category, product and gender-specific pages as well as app and newsletter including all corresponding copy. 


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