Dennree regional campaign 2018


Organic. Probably the most widely used term in the food industry in recent years. All big players flood the market and dilute the meaning behind it. As an organic company by conviction for more than 45 years, the organic wholesaler dennree was forced to clearly distinguish its sub-brands denn's and BioMarkt against the "trend" for the first time together. 


The only way to distinguish yourself from "trend-boarders" is to use what they cannot offer - authenticity down to the smallest detail. The approach was not to let us speak as a brand, but to let a movement of true spokespeople do the talking. We didn't leave the stage to the brand itself, but to all the small regional producers who live the term “organic” and for whom it is not a trend but a conviction. 


We show the people behind the products in an approachable and authentic way. Their views are many and varied, but one thing they all say: organic is the future and must therefore be natural and sustainable. Starting from this naturalness, the visual language is honest and unprocessed. We bring the personalities of organic producers to the fore: on their farms, where they are passionately committed to their vision. The campaign was brought to life in the Franconian region through all relevant channels and contact points. The entire content was produced by us or in cooperation with selected partners.

All natural - the Denree group stands for high quality organic products since 1974. The business includes the organic wholesale Dennree and the denn's retail stores. Currently, it's the leading trade group of organic goods in the german-speaking world. We support Dennree in conception and execution of campaigns since 2018.  




360° regional campaign


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