adidas Core Fluidflow Campaign FW19


A product benefit campaign was to be developed for the Fluidflow model from adidas Core. The framework for this was set by the bounce technology, which provided comfort in the sole and thus, in addition to the technological verification of the product, was also intended to ensure an overall "well-being". The entire campaign was to be placed within the framework of "Creators Unite To Play".


In order to build the campaign, the direct and indirect product benefits first had to be taken apart and, once adapted to the product, put together again. First, the bounce technology had to be communicated intuitively as a direct product benefit. The technology was linked to a number of fixed benefits: Firstly, "Energized Cushioning", i.e. cushioning with energy return, and secondly "Unmatched Comfort", i.e. pure comfort when running. A visual element was developed to bring these components together. This element was then used in layouts and video to link images to benefits.

The direct benefits were further emphasized by posing and framing. The indirect benefits of the product, i.e. the "well-being", were mainly communicated through photography and video. We show extroverted, open poses with natural laughter and direct interaction with each other or with the camera. In the Hero Video we show the "Creators Unite To Play" approach. The models run together and show the positive dynamics of the group in playful interaction. Specially designed shots further illustrate the technical benefits. 

All content was recorded by us during a shoot in London. The postproduction of the tools was done "in-house" by us. The finished content was prepared for the corresponding channels - retail, digital, social. Since adidas Core does not maintain its own social channel, individual suggestions were developed for the Instagram channels of the retail partners. 


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