The big Lebkuchen-Schmidt spring direct mailing

From February, the season for Christmas treats is well and truly over, and Lebkuchen is now only sought after by diehard fans, tourists, and customers outside Germany. Now the focus is on other specialties from the Lebkuchen-Schmidt bakery, such as various coffee-time confectionary, savory specialties, and food gift ideas. The assortment also contains initial Easter surprises. We present that and more in this 40-page large-format mailing.

Original Nuremberg Lebkuchen made by Lebkuchen-Schmidt is the first choice of more than 800,000 customers worldwide. For more than 20 years, we have looked after the direct marketing B2B / B2B, promotional campaigns and advertising of Lebkuchen Schmidt. We also create advertising and communications material for the stationary sales points for the Christmas season.


Lebkuchen-Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG


Direktmailing Februar


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