Lebkuchen-Schmidt turns 90!

For Lebuchen-Schmidt the new season starts in september. This is where new products are introduced and shipped all around Germany. This season was a special one: It marked the 90th anniversary of Lebkuchen-Schmidt. To celebrate this occasion there was a big season opening event in Nuremberg - including a performance by franconian comedy duo Heißmann & Rassau. We designed a flyer for this event and produced several other print products around the season launch. 

Original Nuremberg Lebkuchen made by Lebkuchen-Schmidt is the first choice of more than 800,000 customers worldwide. For more than 20 years, we have looked after the direct marketing B2B / B2B, promotional campaigns and advertising of Lebkuchen Schmidt. We also create advertising and communications material for the stationary sales points for the Christmas season.


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