Australian Open Parley Campaign 2019


For the US Open 2019, the adidas collection was designed in cooperation with the Brooklyn Creator Farm. The outfits were inspired by urban tennis culture and the streets of New York. A movement between streetwear and performance gear: „From The Street To The Court". The community aspect of the campaign was to be communicated under the umbrella of "Creators Unite". The "Keep Women In Sport" story was to be told as well. 


In order to bring all these points together coherently in one campaign, an overall concept was created, which was then translated into photo and video concepts. The visual language was inspired by the combination of flash-heavy streetwear photography against the background of an NYC street scenery. The connection to the streets of New York was illustrated by characteristic props such as hydrants, mailboxes or street posts. The layouts show athletes in different poses and contexts - from street to court. The narrative strands "Creators Unite" and "Keep Women In Sport" were brought together in video tools: we produced interview pieces in which all athletes gave personal insights into the challenges of their tennis careers. The thematic focus was on the community aspect of tennis and the importance of sport for one's own well-being, whether amateur or professional. 

All content was produced by us in Palm Springs. The postproduction of the tools was done "in-house". The finished content was tailored to the needs of the specific channels - retail, digital, social. For the Instagram channel @adidastennis, bespoke content including copy was created and rolled out. This also included the conception and implementation of reactive content at relevant moments during the tournament. All ECOM pages of the collection on www.adidas.com were designed and implemented by us. This included the design of all components for the category, product and gender-specific pages as well as app and newsletter including all corresponding copy.

Game, set, match - adidas has been making its mark in tennis for more than 60 years. What most connects the brand to the sport are the sponsorships with top athletes such as Stan Smith, Steffi Graf, and Angelique Kerber. We support adidas Tennis as the lead agency for social media activations and 360°campaigns.


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Australian Open Parley Campaign 2019


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